Success! Vehicle Demo on GXE​

Success! Vehicle Demo on GXE​ AmpX has successfully proven the AXT on-vehicle thanks to support from Genovation Cars. Over the course of 3 days, AmpX was able to fully integrate the AXT onto the GXE electric supercar, replacing their old onboard charger and DC/DC converter with our compact and efficient integrated unit. The integration went […]

Working with a Major OEM

Working With a Major OEM AmpX is proud to be working with an unnamed major OEM to accelerate its combo-charger technology to higher power.  AXT offers combined charging with class-leading efficiency and power density, in addition to significant cost savings. Stay tuned for more information.

AmpX’s Booth at SAE WCX 2022

See you at SAE WCX 2024 – Experience AXT and GXE in person!​ AmpX was a hit at SAE WCX 2022 where we showcased our AXT prototype, promoting integration for cost, weight, and volume reduction in EV charging. It was great to meet both industry leaders and other startups. In addition, AmpX was a finalist […]

Working with Genovation to develop a custom combo OBC for supercars

Working with Genovation to develop a custom combo OBC for supercars​ AmpX is developing a combo charger for Genovation’s supercar, GXE, The World’s First Street Legal all Electric Car to break the 200 mph barrier. Thanks to a SAFE investment and engineering support from Genovation, AmpX is empowered to work toward proving our technology on-vehicle. Learn […]