The Future of Energy Conversion is Here

Hardware and software for the next-generation of energy conversion.

Our Approach

AmpX uses proprietary software to create custom next-generation hardware solutions for energy conversion.

AmpX’s cutting-edge software reduces our design stage to a one-click solution thanks to our integrated optimization platform.

AmpX has developed extraordinary technologies covering
innovative circuit topologies, control schemes, and product designs compatible with automated manufacturing.

AXT - Combo Onboard Charger

Integrated Bi-Directional Onboard Charger and DC/DC Converter for EVs​

Our flagship product, fully tested on-vehicle, is the only electrically integrated on-board charger and Auxiliary Power module capable of simultaneous charging of both high-voltage (400-1000 V) and low-voltage (12-48 V) batteries.

Electrical integration promotes:

  • Low cost
  • Efficient operations
  • High power density
FCM- Fast Charging Module

Compact, high-performance DC fast-charging module with incredible power density

The perfect solution for off-board DC fast chargers, enabling faster charging with significantly less real-estate.

  • 70% cooler than existing modules
  • 2x better switching performance
  • Integrated double-sided cooling
DXT - Software Boost Converter

Software-based integrated DC fast Charger for EVs

The only onboard solution to enable fast charging of any EV traction battery (400 – 1200V) from any DC fast charge station.

  • Works with any powertrain
  • Adds zero weight, volume, or component cost
ISC - Integrated Solar Converter

A compact, low-cost, integrated multi-port power electronics system for homes

AmpX’s multi-port, integrated solar converter is a one-box solution for residential households that need energy storage, EV charging, and grid interconnection. It’s fully bidirectional, able to charge your energy storage system or EV, and supports the grid when needed.